Dear Santa

I have been an especially good girl this year so I’m sending you my Christmas list. Please could I have the following:

– A big lottery win. Preferably around £10,000,000 but I’d settle for £7 Million!!!!!

– If you are unable to manage the above could you please give my Bank Manager a heart and persuade him to lend me some money!!!!

– I would really like to swim with Sharks whilst in Oz so could you please magic me a babysitter for the day so that my daughter doesn’t have to watch!!! I’m not sure that watching your Mum face-to-face with Sharks would be fun at 7.

– It would also be very helpful if you could arrange for Chick’s After School Club too not close down as I don’t have enough time to sort anything else out!!!

– I’d also be a more than happy girl if you could leave me a pair of Christian Louboutins under my tree. Any shiny or sparkly size eights would do. Could live with Manolos or Choos if you can’t get the Louboutins in time!!!!

I know when Chick saw you yesterday she reminded you of the need to come early before we go on holiday and said she wasn’t sure what she wanted as she knows all the Miley tickets have sold out. She has now written a Christmas list (as you suggested) which I’ve taken a photo of and put below as I don’t think you’ll receive in time if I send by snail mail….Apologies for being so unorganised:

Thanking you in anticipation




Today we’ve been for Chick’s 18 month check up for her ears and thankfully everything is fine and she now has perfect hearing. I was beginning to think that her hearing was deteriorating again but the Doctor reassures me that it’s just 7 year old selective hearing rather than an actual problem!!

When I was young I had exactly the same problem as Chick and I always tried to fool the hearing test machine. When we go to the Docs and she has the test it makes me cringe and takes me right back to the 5 year old that I was, sitting in the Headmistresses Office thinking I was clever enough to fool the test. Obviously didn’t work as when I was about 6 I had to have grommits. I remember my Mum had to leave me at the Hospital because back in *ahem1981*ahem the day they didn’t have beds for Parents or have day patients like they did for Chick.

So, now she only has selective hearing we don’t have to make our 6 monthly visits and I no longer have to deal with regressing to a 5 year old. I think that’s a pretty good note to end the week on!!

Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in America and seeing as I’m kind of an Adopted American I thought that I’d join in the celebrations!!!! Not by eating Turkey or Pumpkin Pie (urrggghh!!) but by giving thanks for all the amazing things in my life:

– Family and friends near and far. From my home town to London to New Zealand and California I’m grateful for all the wonderful people that I’m lucky enough to have in my life.

– A steady job. That may sound kind of cheesy but with the way the world is now it’s a weight off my mind that my job is secure and not under any threat of redundancy like many people I know.

– Enough money to pay the bills. Kinda related to the point above but if I have enough money to pay the bills and to keep the roof over our heads then I can generally work the other stuff out.

– The Internet. Yes I could live without it but it makes keeping in touch and up to date so much easier and what would I do each evening without my little blog to write???

– Christmas songs – will soon be gone again for another year. Don’t misunderstand me I DO like Christmas just not the songs that start in October.

– Health. Ok so I may not be the healthiest person in the world with my liver stuff still ongoing but at least I and my family are not in pain or suffering. Prayers to the Mayhew family that Anissa keeps improving.

– Love. I may not have found THE one yet but I have plenty of love in my life from aforementioned friends and family as well as JoJo & Mikes beautiful beach wedding to look forward to. It constantly amazes me the unconditional love that I receive from a certain 7 year old no matter how cranky I’m feeling and she of course is my number one reason to be grateful:

Happy Thanksgiving to all xx


Sooooooooooo in exactly four weeks and three days Chick and I will be on one of these:

To here:

That right 4 weeks and 3 days…….It’s just so soon and I’m nowhere near ready:

1. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet
2. I can fit into my dress but I’m not looking as great as I want to
3. I may have omitted to tell the school that I’m taking Chick out
4. The car hire is getting all booked up and I don’t have the Finance to book it….I’m gonna end up with some massive Jeep that only does 10 miles to the gallon!!!
5. We only have 4 nights of hotels booked out of all the weeks we are there.

On the flipside of that:

1. We aren’t doing Christmas anyway
2. Hell, I can fit into the dress the photographer can ignore me if he needs too
3. What are they going to do about it???? Probably a slap on the wrist!!
4. At least we’ll have a car and if we only get a Jeep they’ll be room for more shopping.
5. We’re adventurers and if needs be we’ll buy a tent and camp every night. I’m sure I can avoid spiders and snakes whilst camping right?

The absolute best thing about it????  In 4 weeks and 3 days I get to be with my best friend in the whole wide world.  Everything else I can figure out.


This post has taken me a few days to compose as I’m not really sure how to put together what I feel and all the bloggers that I read have been so much more eloquent!!! I think I have mentioned previously that the blogging community is a little like my home town in the fact that everyone seems to know each other and are all inter-connected in some way. Now I know that I’m fairly new to this blogging thing but as you know there are several blogs that I read every day, most of which I never comment on as I don’t really know the people involved and I guess I feel like some weirdo voyeur!!!

Earlier this week though something happened that affected me far more profoundly than I ever would’ve guessed. An amazing lady called Anissa who you can find at Free Anissa and at Aiming Low suffered a stroke. I cannot even begin to describe how terribly sad this made me feel, not just for her family and friends but also on a personal level…..I actually cried with shock when I read the news. I read Aiming Low Monday-Friday and also check in at Free Anissa pretty much daily as well as following her on Twitter. I understand that we don’t have a friendship or know each other at all but also I feel that in some small way I do know Anissa just through her writing and she seems pretty cool even with her @RalphMacchio obsession 😉 (for those of you that don’t know he is Anissa’s teenage crush and the original Karate Kid!!!).

You know the saddest thing about the whole situation is that the family have already been through so much. On 12th November Anissa and Peter’s daughter Peyton celebrated her one year anniversary of her last dose of Chemo and now this. I’m sure that they don’t need or want my sympathy but it just makes me want to rage at the universe….how much crap can one family take???

So I got to thinking about this whole thing (sensibly when I was done raging at God and the universe) and I guess even though it’s just through a computer the connection I feel shouldn’t be and isn’t any less real. I read about Anissa’s life and family at least on a weekly basis so I think it’s reasonable that I should feel a personal sadness. Anissa, I’m hoping and praying that you keep taking small steps to improving and that you hurry on back to your family. I wish I could say more or offer more to help but for now I guess my prayers will have to do.


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Last night we went to see Kasabian as one of Chick’s birthday presents. They are an awesome band that I got into after Sarah and I went to see them back in May. It was possibly one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to…..I couldn’t get over how fantabulous they were live. We also followed them to Wembley where they were supporting Oasis and they were once again unbelieveably outstanding. I enjoyed it sooooo much even though I was so sick I could barely bounce!!!

Obviously since May I’ve had the cd on in the car non-stop which is why Chick was desperate to go and see them. So we fought through the howling wind and miserableness that is a cold November night in England, paid (through the nose) for car parking, t-shirts and food and got ridiculously excited. This is Chick waiting for Kasabian to come on stage:

Originally the Lead Singer Tom was the object of my affections but since he had his hair cut he looks like every other chav in our home town (albeit a bit cuter) so I’ve had to switch loyalties and go with Serge who is not only devilishly handsome but the brains behind the tunes too:

Crap picture I know but we were sitting at a funny angle.  It was pretty cool but nowhere near as good as the other two times I’ve seen them.  I can’t put my finger on what the problem was.  I don’t know if it was the atmosphere or the fact that I had Chick with me so was on best Mummy behaviour instead of drunken jumping around Kasabian behaviour or if it was them playing soooooo many slow songs???  Chick really enjoyed it until about half way through and then once they had played her favourite song she was all for going home as she was tired.  Because I’m a mean Mummy (and I wanted to stare at Serge) I made her stay pretty much to the end.  This is her tired face as we were leaving, very unimpressed that I was taking a picture of her with them in the background:

I wonder if she’ll want to stay to the end when I sell my soul to buy Miley Cyrus tickets for her for Christmas???? 😉

Birthday Fun

So, some of you may have noticed that my little Chick was 7 on Saturday and that she also has a bit of a Hannah Montana obsession. With that in mind I’m pretty sure that you can guess what kind of party she had…..we kinda made it a Rock Star party too so that the boys she’d invited would want to come. We had some lovely party food:

Some gorgeous fairy cakes made by my delightful Apprentice and decorated by Chick and I:

A Hannah Montana Rock Star cake:

 All the kids came dressed up and this is Chick as Hannah Montana:

Chick had some amazing presents from everybody mainly Hannah Montana obviously, but lots of other cool stuff.  She had some tickets to see Kasabian tomorrow night (yay!!!I’m excited) and a new bedroom from me but I think her favourite present was this:

Yep that’s right my seven year old has her very own laptop.  It’s my Mum’s old one and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about it Chick isn’t allowed on it unless I’m around and watching, it has very strong parental locks and she isn’t allowed on it every day!!!

Think it’s safe to say she had a fabulous birthday…….a million thanks to everyone for their presents and birthday wishes.  The only problem now is where the heck to put all this lovely stuff!!