Sooooooooooo in exactly four weeks and three days Chick and I will be on one of these:

To here:

That right 4 weeks and 3 days…….It’s just so soon and I’m nowhere near ready:

1. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet
2. I can fit into my dress but I’m not looking as great as I want to
3. I may have omitted to tell the school that I’m taking Chick out
4. The car hire is getting all booked up and I don’t have the Finance to book it….I’m gonna end up with some massive Jeep that only does 10 miles to the gallon!!!
5. We only have 4 nights of hotels booked out of all the weeks we are there.

On the flipside of that:

1. We aren’t doing Christmas anyway
2. Hell, I can fit into the dress the photographer can ignore me if he needs too
3. What are they going to do about it???? Probably a slap on the wrist!!
4. At least we’ll have a car and if we only get a Jeep they’ll be room for more shopping.
5. We’re adventurers and if needs be we’ll buy a tent and camp every night. I’m sure I can avoid spiders and snakes whilst camping right?

The absolute best thing about it????  In 4 weeks and 3 days I get to be with my best friend in the whole wide world.  Everything else I can figure out.


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