I’m not sure why I didn’t add pictures to my ‘Things I Love’ list.  I carry my camera with me always, even to work just in case I see something photo worthy or Chick does something I’d like to remember or I spot something that makes me think of a good blog post.  I believe it all stems from the fact that we have very, very few photos of us as children.  We used to have but they have all been destroyed or misplaced in some way.  All of my Mum’s pictures of us were thrown away by mistake during one of our many childhood moves.  I guess my Dad’s ex-girlfriend still has all of his from when he died and my Grandparents photos seem to also be lost in the ether!

Just recently I’ve been trying to brighten up the house a little by repainting the stairs and hall, the bathroom and my bedroom to get rid of grubby finger prints and mess that seems to accumalate when you are a hoarder and you’ve lived somewhere for 6 years.  I decided that for the bathroom I would frame some of our pictures from our holiday in Norfolk.  I like to think that they look like postcards apart from the fact that you can see our beach tent on the bottom photo:

Bathroom Pics

I seem to have a magnolia theme throughout the upstairs of the house.  I have a whole picture wall at the top of the stairs which I love, as a different picture catches my eye each time I go up the stairs.  There are so many memories here.  Being at the Grand Canyon with my camp girls, visiting Graceland with Nicole & Indie, my Brothers wedding, my Mum and I as bridesmaids back in 1982(?), a group picture with my American family, Chick on marathon day, Jolene & I all over the world as well as countless others.


It’s a running joke between my Brother and I that I’m terrible at DIY.  He says that none of the pictures in my house are straight and I’ve always argued with him that they are……however after looking carefully at this picture it seems that he may have a point!!!  One of my absolute favourite pictures was soooooo ridiculously expensive that I like to refer to it as a piece of art to justify the price.  It was taken three years ago and is of me, JoJo and Chick and hangs in pride of place in the lounge:


Not to everyone’s taste I’m sure but I adore it.  We went for a professional shoot and had all the family pictures taken.  We were trying to get a shot of JoJo and I with our funky shoes on thinking that we were cool and Chick wanted to join in.  We let her for a minute and then distracted her whilst we had the rest taken.  When the shots come back they project them onto a wall so that you can see how amazing they all look (and they can try and take all your money in the process) as soon as this shot came up on screen I just knew that I had to have it.  I’m so glad I did!!


One response to “Pictures

  1. I love your pics at the top of the stairs-every time I walk up there I have a quick look at them!

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