Raw ‘n’ Pure…….

…….is a local producer of organic fruit and vegetables that they deliver direct to your door in their shiny blue van. It’s a fab service and you can choose to make up your own box or have them deliver a standard box of goodies to you. The extra specially good thing is that you don’t have to wait home for them as they can hide it in your shed/garage/garden and you can leave a check as payment. If you live in the Leicestershire Area go check out their website at www.rawnpure.co.uk

Today Raw ‘n’ Pure had a stand at a local good food show so we decided that we would go along and show them some support. It was held at a local historic house amongst the secret gardens and passage ways:

Belgrave Hall Secret Garden

And the sun shone like it was a Summer’s day….not something that happens in England very often, even during the Summer!!!!   

Mmmmm…..good healthy fruit and veg (yes I understand that you are surprised that I procure Organic!!!). 

The Raw 'n' Pure stand

There was also a stand with the most beautiful cupcakes that I had ever seen or tasted.  The girls obviously got in on the action too and The Punk had donuts covered in chocolate and Chick had Strawberries covered with chocolate, organic of course (although I’m not sure about the donuts!!!)

Mmmmmm.....this organic stuff is good!!!

We may have to go back tomorrow just to eat more!!!


2 responses to “Raw ‘n’ Pure…….

  1. I checked out their website. What a cool idea! I don’t think we have anything like that around here. We have to go to the Farmer’s Market – they don’t deliver.

  2. There’s 3 or 4 choices of farms that do that here. It’s great. I haven’t gotten one since I moved – thanks for reminding me to get going on that. =)

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